Our Story

My name is Hanny Agustine. I am an engineer who loves to draw.
My background is Electrical Engineering and I have spent my corporate career mostly in the Information Technology world before I established own business with my passion for Education + Technology + Creativity at www.digikidz.id in 2001.
But only after developing my latest product www.artfactory.id in 2014, my childhood’s drawing hobby was coming back. Then I find myself drawing every single day on my dining table and that's definitely a good meditation to soothing my busy mind. So, I only started drawing in 2015.
In early 2016, within 1.5 years I took care of my darling husband, he got ill and had to do chemotherapy in Singapore. I relieved my sadness and stress to a paper, pen, brush, and watercolor. So I drew and drew and drew at every moment that I could steal from being 24 hours taking care of him night and day, even in hospital, apartment or back home. Until my husband passed away in 2017 and suddenly I found more than 800 drawings on my dining table and made me think "what can I do with all of these drawings". Then, why not share to other people, telling them my Story through wearable art from fashion, home living decor, stationary to art print.
So, each of my drawings actually has its own story. Either my feelings, the exact memory of a movie that we like to watch together, also the happiness when we travel together, and the memory of my childhood in hometown are all embedded into my drawing. That's why each product has it's own Story. So, I hope you can find happiness from each of my Story.
Now, I follow my passion for art and education by teaching globally at Skillshare. It seems like I found my first love in art again and again.
I live in tropical heaven – Jakarta, Indonesia. It’s a busy city but lovely. Please, stop by for a cup of tea when you’re in town.
Follow me on Instagram @hanny.agustine to see my daily drawing and video update.
Let's Be Creative,